Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jaxon's 3 year check up at Denver Children's Hospital

As we pulled up Jaxon said this was the Children's Castel!

So we went to the Denver Children's Hospital and Jaxon had his Renal Ultrasound at 1:00. They took pictures of his front back and sides to get good views of his kidneys.
We didn't get any info at this appointment we had to wait to talk to Dr. Campbell so he could review the images.
Well after his first appointment which was over at 1:15 we went up and talked to the second level and talked to Dr. Campbell.
This was just outside the elevator, its a replica of the hospital made out of Legos.
Jaxon thought this was so awesome.

He said there was still some fluid at the top of Jaxon's kidneys. Which was a result of his surgery. Yet there was less then at his last appointment. Dr. Campbell is not at all concerned about this.
After we talked it over the results and how Jaxon has progressed in the last year. Dr. Campbell said he is going to release Jaxon from Childrens Hospital, and he will not need to seem him again unless he gets a kidney infection or a UTI. Talk about I am beyond impressed and excited about this news!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fishing Day

We went fishing today at a local pond. We had a lot of fun, and plan on going more often.

Ashton was way excited!

Gage as well

Jaxon was mad that he didn't have a pole, so we need to go get him one.

Ashton got two bites but they both got away.

Yes we even brought Bandit

Jaxon's turn to try fishing, he had a lot of fun.

Well Gage got a fish!

This is his first fish that he has ever caught!!!


All and all it was a great day!!!

Weekend fun at Aunt Candi's!!

So the boys and I decided since Daddy had drill this weekend in Evanston, we wanted to go see Aunt Candi's. While we were there we enjoyed fun times at the park with Candi, Kyrie, Mandi and her kids. The boys ran like crazy, I forgot my camera for that adventure so sorry no pictures.
Yet when we got back to Candi's Uncle Jensen taught the boys how to ride a 50 motorcycle. It was way cute, we are now going to work on the no training wheels so they can ride with out uncle Jensen's help.
Here is Gage this is on his 4th time, I have pictures from his first shot at it but there on my new camera and I have to still figure out how to down load the pictures to my computer.

Here is Ashton with Uncle Jensen

Then of Course my Motorcycle freak Jaxon, he loves Motorcycles!!!

While visiting Candi's we had a nice campfire, roasted marshmallows so we could have s'mores.

This was such a great picture I got while sitting around the camp fire that I couldn't resist it.

Bandit got to spend time with Teebo and Latara, they all ran like crazy and by the time bed time came around they were all passed out.

I finally got a cute picture of Bandit looking at me.

Bandit with his dad Teebo.


My nephew Kolten is freaking awesome on a bike here is a couple pictures of him.

Needless to say we had a blast this weekend. We are all so happy that we have such a great family that is always there for Josh and myself along with our kids. THANKS CANDI FOR THE NEEDED BREAK FROM LIFE!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jaxon Surgery 10 March 2009

I know this is over a year late, so a lot of the details are fogy now. So I will let the pictures tell most of the story for me.

We drove down to Denver the night before, and stayed in a motel. Where he wasn't able to eat or drink after midnight, we knew a 3 hour drive would be very hard on Jaxon so we let him sleep until we had to leave for the hospital.

I got Josh to take a picture of Jaxon and I together before we left for the hospital. I was way nervous.

Then I thought I better take a picture of my man by himself.

While we were in pre-op Jaxon was still way tired he did everything he could to stay awake. In this picture he was showing daddy he had a bracelet on.

Then a cute nurse came in and of course my Jaxon had to flirt with her, you should have seen how fast he turned when he came in.

We tried to keep him awake, yet in the end we lost the battle. So he got a nap in before surgery.

He was just so sweet.

Well the time has come and we had to bring him back. It was so hard to see them put the mask on him, it broke my heart.

Jaxon is a sleep in this picture.

Mommy and Daddy telling Jaxon sweet dreams and that we will see him very soon.

With in 15 min of him being out of surgery. This is with in 30 sec of me seeing him.

If you can not tell by the glow in my face I was beyond excited to see him and to hold my little guy. Talk about a little trooper.

Wide awake and safe in Mommies arms.

Took Josh some convincing but I let him hold him in the end.

First nights sleep right after the surgery.

He actually did sleep very well.

The morning after and yes he is still very druged up.

After we got permission to go walk the halls WE FOUND THE TOY ROOM!!!


Few hours after finding the toy room, we were released from the hospital.

We have had two check ups since surgery, the first one was just to see how he was acting and see how he was healing, so not a big deal check up . The second one was the big deal. It was going to let us know if the surgery was a success or if it was not. They were going to do a Renal Ultra Sound (ultra sound of the kidneys). Then a VCUG which is when they put fluid up them to see if they reflex any. Before surgery it was the moment they put it in it was all ready in his kidneys so that was way bad!!! While we were doing the VCUG I could see them put the fluids in (I was watching the screen), and we were waiting, and waiting, and waiting some more to see if they were going to reflex. AND IT NEVER DID!!! I looked at the tech and with tears in my eyes whispered does this mean what I think it means? The tech looked at me and with a huge smile on her face said yes ma'am NO REFLEX!!! I started to cry right then and there.
We had one more appointment to go to, and that was to go over the results with the surgeon, who also happens to be his primary doctor at the Denver Children's Hospital. When we walked into his office, Dr. Campbell was full of smiles, and with one look at me he all ready knew I knew that the surgery was a success.
We agreed to do yearly check ups on Jaxon just to make sure he stays on the up and up, also we no longer have to take nightly meds!!! Yeepee, we have been taking meds every night before bed since Nov 2007!!!

Here Jaxon is waiting for his appointments Renal Ultra Sound and VCUG.

This picture was taken after the first two appointments and we were waiting to go over the results with the doctor.

He sure loved these toys. Full of grins.

Still playing with the toys.

After the Doctors appointment, some of the volunteers at the hospital were doing craft time with the kids. Yep it sure was fun!!!

Well thats all the updates I have on Jaxon's surgery up to date. I will try to post more updates on the rest of our lifes tomorrow.